Thanks for visiting this about page. I’m realising the first sentence of this page should’ve been super original or interesting. However, if you’re still reading you probably won’t mind a boring first sentence that much. So, again, thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

10 facts about me

  • 26 years old girl;
  • Dutch;
  • Loves dogs;
  • Loves icecream and dark chocolate;
  • Stubborn and a know-it-all;
  • Studies social work;
  • Deadpan humor;
  • Lives in her own (fantasy) world;
  • Has lots of book boyfriends;
  • And…loves reading, but I think that fact was pretty obvious…

10 facts about this blog

  • Focuses solely on fiction for YA;
  • Giving you honest book recommendations is this blog’s most important goal;
  • My second goal is creating book-related content that is fun to read;
  • Interacting with other readers of fantasy books is my third goal;
  • Lists will be an important part of my reviews;
  • I’ll publish two reviews a week;
  • Also on Twitter and Pinterest;
  • You can expect a bit of sarcasm and deadpan humor in my posts;
  • Tags (I love them…hint);
  • Future content: monthly wrap-up and polls.

I hope you became interested in this blog. If so, feel free to leave a comment behind, I’m looking forward to chatting with you.


By the way, it’s possible to follow this blog. So you’ll never miss any of my posts 😊

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